History of Richmond County Yacht Club

2017 Officers and Committee Chairs
Commodore Timothy Mahoney
Vice Commodore Bernie Blomquist
Rear Commodore Guy Parrinello

Secretary Jennifer DeVito
Treasurer George Pringle
Fleet Captain Carlos Font

Board of Governor Mark Peters, PC
Board of Governor John Shultz, PC
Board of Governor Ralph Cassarino
Board of Governor Carl Peters, PC
Board of Governor Law Flynn
Board of Governor Gregory Crapenzano
Board of Governor Michael Pencak
Board of Governor Robert "Woody" Wodarski

Auditor TBD
Bar Robert "Woody" Wodarski
Computer TBD
Cruising TBD
Decorating TBD
Entertainment TBD
Finance TBD
Float Notes TBD
Gardening TBD
House Christopher Dowd
Insurance Greg Crapanzano
Junior Sailing TBD
Measurer TBD
Long Range Planning TBD
Membership John Devoti
Moorings Mark Peters, PC
Nominating TBD
Public Relations TBD
Race Committee Brian DeVito
Range Lights TBD
Rules David Barr, PC
Ship's Store Alice Burns and Debbie Gisonda
Tender Manager TBD
Webmaster Brian DeVito


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